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The classical guitar - is a direct heir to the lute. In our time, the greatest guitar gained popularity and is widely used in the world.

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar (Spanish, six-string) - a stringed musical instrument, the main representative of the family of guitars, stringed musical instrument played by plucking the bass, tenor and soprano registers. In its present form in the second half of the XVIII century, is used as the accompanying, solo and ensemble instrument. The guitar has great artistic and performance capabilities and a wide variety of sounds.

Classical guitar has six strings, the basic structure of which - E, A, d, g, h, e1. A number of musical artists have experimented by adding additional strings (of ten guitar Ferdinando Carulli and Rene Lakota 15-strings guitar Vasily Lebedev 9-strings GRAN-guitar, etc.), but these tools not widely used.

Classical guitar has a number of features:

It is an acoustic instrument. The sound is amplified only wooden body guitar.

The most common type of wood for body classical guitar Rosewood or Mahogany for the back deck and shells, spruce or cedar for the top deck. Grief can be made of cedar or redwood.

Guitar fretboard wider on the one hand, makes it easier to press the desired note, but on the other hand, requires a great effort in the game (for example, barre).

The strings are usually nipped fingers. Most guitarists use and nails in the game, allowing you to achieve a brighter sound.

Tags frets on the fingerboard are on the side, not on the plane of the neck. First, it is more in line with the strict design guitars, secondly, it is not necessary to embed the point in the front surface of the neck.

In classical guitars between the head and the body of the guitar fretboard is located only 12 frets instead of 14 as in the other.

Usually classical guitars do without plastic plate under the strings. This is not necessary, as there is no mediator (plectrum), which can damage the body, and each extra item on the top deck, decreasing the acoustics. The exception is the guitar-flamenco where on the body often beat his fingers and nails - is there such a record is a must.

They play classical guitar usually without a microphone or amplifier. However, in larger rooms, or in a noisy environment using either a simple microphone or embedded in the guitar pickups.

The game involves the classical guitar and classical landing, in which the body of the guitar rests on the left leg and the neck at an angle of about 45 ° to the floor. For convenience, the left foot is placed under the stand. Recently, there are also so-called "slides" - stand-mounted knee. In this case, stand up is not required.


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