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Nikita Arnoldovich Koshkin (1956)

Nikita Arnoldovich Koshkin

Nikita Arnoldovich Koshkin, Russian composer and guitarist. Born in Moscow on 28 February 1956. For classical guitar came through a fascination with rock music, his favoritism Tami group were YES and Led Zeppelin. In school, began to study guitar with his friends organized in the school band. At age 14, determined to master the instrument to perfection and to continue training professional, enrolled in a music school. Classes classical guitar rock craze pushed into the background, and Nikita fully captured the world his new guitar. After two years of studying at a music school, he continued studying guitar and composition at the Music School. The October Revolution. His teacher for guitar at the time was George Ivanovitch Emanov. After graduation he worked for three years in a music school where he once began to study music. In Music Institute. Gnesinyh entered only at the second attempt in 1980 (class of Alexander Frautschi). About two attempts income Gnesinka Nikita himself Arnoldovich said the following:

"... When the efforts of enthusiasts and society guitarists decision to open a guitar class at the Institute Gnesin was punched by higher authorities (ie the Ministry of Culture), the institute was launched to give the order of the watch under the guitar class. Dobro for teachers , balalaika and other folk instruments is meant to give part of his salary and lose a couple of students, receipt of which was already guaranteed in any way. I can not say how, but it is. quashed the Ministry of Culture or ignore it they could not. was then decided " ride "guitarists of all time and thus avoid opening guitar class in 1979., which was done. I was among the entrants. program of mine was the same as a year later, when I got all excellent ratings. But the first time I did not Just do not let really play, but just scoffed at me, as on all other applicants: stopped, then asked to start from the beginning, and then - strum last play in the program, and then again first. I could not play more than ten cycles of each play. also done with the others. And all estimates put "Two." That is - a ride. I was shocked by this attitude ... I think that all of this - a set of populists, who have no classical guitarists, and here at semistrunnikov he also is. And so they are all trying to prove that the six-string guitar is better, although it is perfect nonsense. Moreover, they argue it is only on paper, rather than to go out and play. semistrunnitsa only game - Asya Bardeen, so for her two guitars are equal and the same commonNikita Arnoldovich Koshkin grouping. So my first delivery was quite shocking but instructive.

The second took place on the next intake in 1980. This time on exams came inspector from the Ministry of Culture, who all sat and listened to the discussion, monitoring results and their objectivity. Apparently, thanks to him I got "excellent" and moved further towards the entrance exams. Then they, by the way, there were nine: specialty, conducting, harmony, ear training, colloquium, piano, Russian, literature, history.

Since I passed the exam the best - you can consider me a first-class student guitar Gnessin Institute, the more that I also passed the final best. It turns out that I am also a graduate of the first ... "

After graduation he returned to school, but as a teacher. He currently works at the Moscow State Classical Academy. Maimonides.

Wrote his first play at once as soon started to navigate the notes, since, according to the musician himself, he did not share the lessons and guitar composition and in its concept it has always been interconnected. In its capacity as a composer Nikita Koshkin seriously believe after the first performance of his plays, "Passacaglia" and "Toccata", Vladimir Mikulka in London June 2, 1978. Then, after reading a review about the debut, he realized that his music is finally appreciated and accepted. Before that, he played his only play himself, and his relationship with the guitar rather conservative domestic audience were initially difficult: most of the works taken in arms, and the musician was counted among the avant-garde. But he Koshkin did not consider himself to be, and says it this way: "Vanguard I was not engaged, I considered myself a follower of tradition, facing in the direction of the classics, as well as to that of innovation, which I have used, so it was a natural process of using the techniques found in the guitar in his plays. Opened for me colorful new opportunities more fully stressed shaped characteristic of music in this regard was written suite "Toys Prince" (1974), which in the past sixyears, I have reworked several times. "

Suite "Toys Prince" (Prince naughty - Clockwork Monkey - The doll with closing eyes - Playing with toy soldiers - Coach Prince - Final: Large puppet dance) is very popular and is included in the repertoire of many famous artists.

Nikita Koshkin, but the guitar and writes music for other instruments. He has several pieces for piano, several songs for voice and piano, as well as the muse-ka for guitar and other instruments: a large sonata for flute and guitar, a trio for flute, violin and guitar, cycle of pieces for mezzo-soprano and guitar, works for the duo and trio of guitars, for a duet of guitars and bass. The works performed by Koshkin, John Williams, guitar duo of brothers Assad, Zagreb and Amsterdam Guitar Trio.

Nikita Arnoldovich Koshkin

Cat is very much favored and often goes on tour both in Russia and in foreign countries. In 1989, Holland made his debut at the Concertgebouw Hall, one of the most prestigious halls in Europe, where he played the author's solo concert (in the second part of his music is performed Amsterdam Trio). Following the presentation, followed by proposals for a series of concerts in Holland. A few times I was in France for the first time - at the guitar festival in Limoges. He has performed in the UK and the U.S.. In 1997, while at the invitation of the American Guitar Society of the United States recorded the first CD-ROM.

He played the guitar "Yamaha", "Matsuoka", "Kono" now prefers tool Mexican master Dionisio Vasquez. It is of ten guitar given to him by the League of Mexican composers. As explained in an interview with Nikita Koshkin, "they held at a sort of competition composers writing for the guitar, where I am, to my surprise, won the grand prize - this same guitar. Must say that playing it more difficult than on a normal guitar It requires much more effort. However, I was so fascinated by it that now can not imagine myself without it. It has a richer experience.

Nikita Koshkin is the title of one of the most printed to date composers. His works cause these interest among fans of guitar music around the world. In parallel with the work of the composer and concert activities musician finds time to teach. His unusual style of play and new techniques in music consistently attracted the attention of the set of listeners.


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