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Review of the lute CD
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EnlargeCD "Alternatum" 

Alexander Suetin - lute
Alexander Martynov - guitar

Year CD: 2003 
Publisher: OOO Artel "East Wind"
Make CD: Russia 
Total time: 50:18

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EnlargeCD "J. S. Bach"

Alexander Suetin - Baroque lute 

Date of record: 2001 
Year CD: 2010 
Publisher: ООО "Artservis" 
Make CD: Russia 
Total time: 51:15

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EnlargeCD "Une Douceur violente" (Jacques de Gallot, Pierre Gallot, Charles Mouton)

Anthony Bailes - lute

Make CD: Austria
Year CD: 2011
Publisher: Ramee
Date of recording: June 2010
Total time: 1:08:05

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EnlargeCD "Apollon Orateur" (Denis & Ennemond Gaultier)

Anthony Bailes - lute (Gregori Ferdinand Wenger 1722)
Make CD: Germany
Year CD: 2009
Publisher: Ramee
Date of recording: June 2008
Total time: 1:05:59

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EnlargeCD "Austria 1676" Lute Music by Lauffensteiner and Weichenberger

Miguel Yisrael - lute

Year CD: 2012
Publisher: Brilliant Classics
Date of recording: 2011
Total time: 72:12

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EnlargeCD "Dall'Aquila, Da Crema" Lute Music: Recercars, Intabulations, Dances

Christopher Wilson - lute

Make CD: Germany
Year CD: 1996
Publisher: NAXOS
Total time: 58:16

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EnlargeCD "Silvius Leopold Weiss" - Three Lute Suites; Ouverture in B flat

Konrad Junghanel - Lute

Make CD: Germany
Year CD: 1991
Publisher: EMI
Date of recording: 1984
Total time: 68:20

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EnlargeCD "Sobranie of Classic Music (Лютня)"

Sandor Kallosh - lute

Make CD: Russia
Year CD: 2006
Publisher: Си Ди Клуб
Date of recording: 1975
Total time: 00:44:50

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EnlargeCD "Eternal Love" 17th Century German Lute Songs

Martin Hummel (baritone), Karl-Ernst Schröder (lute)
Make CD: EU
Year CD: 2002
Publisher: Naxos
Date of recording: 2000
Total time: 01:03:50

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EnlargeCD "French and German Baroque music" (de la Barre, Forqueray, Boismortier, Marais, Abel, Weiss, Bach)

Trio "Orpharion" (Khudyakov, Grindenko, Suetin)

Year CD: 1993
Make CD: Russia
Total time: 01:07:07

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EnlargeCD "Musique and Sweet Poetrie" Jewels from Europe around 1600 (Dowland, R. Johnson, J. Daniel, G. Huwet, H. Schütz, S. d'India, P. Guédron)
Emma Kirkby soprano
Jakob Lindberg lute
Make CD: Sweden
Year CD: 2006
Publisher: BIS
Date of recording: 2005
Total time: 79:32

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EnlargeCD "Sylvius Leopold Weiss" Sonatas for Lute, Volume 1

Robert Barto - lute

Publisher: NAXOS
Year CD: 1997
Total time: 1:11:50

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