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Alexey Zimakov (b. 1971)
Alexey Zimakov

Alexey Zimakov (3.01.1971 - 21.05.2018). Russia's guitarist. Laureate of international competitions, the teacher of the Tomsk Regional Music School named after Edison Denisov. The first guitar lessons from my father, whom he considers his "first and heads-tion teacher in music," even though he was not a professional musician-tion. He graduated from the Tomsk musical externally-ing School (1988). Went to college Gnesins (Russian Academy of Music) in Moscow in the class N. Komolyatova. In the late 80's Tomsk record TV shows young virtuoso, where he performed his own arrangement for guitar and piano rondo-finale, "Campanella" from the Second Violin Concerto Paganini.

In 1990, he won the IV All-Russian competition of folk music, I won a prize (it was the first time in the history of the domestic competitions: the first places previously never awarded). A.Zimakov Russian Academy of Music and graduated in 1993, and then graduate school at A.K.Frauchi.

Winner of three international competitions. In 1990, I won the prize at the International Competition in Tychy (Poland) in November 1991 - I got the prize and the Grand Prix at the prestigious annual international guitar competition in Miami (USA), conducted by the Society of America guitar. Their program included performances: «Invocation y Danza» Rodrigo, three pieces from the "Castles in Spain" Torroba and "Fantasy on Russian Folk Songs" by Sergei Smith. The jury noted in the bright colors of the game Zimakova, dynamics and special poetic works by Torroba. On the jury also made a strong impression the execution speed of some passages in the play Rodrigo and folk songs. For the victory in this competition A.3imakov received a Spanish guitar, a cash prize and the right to a concert tour of North America, which began in October 1992. 2.5 months Alex has given dozens of concerts in towns and cities across the U.S., including Washington, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago. Alexei Zimakov became the first Russian guitarist of our time, who have achieved such success abroad.

The famous Spanish composer of guitar concerto "Aranjuez", Joaquin Rodrigo, hearing his work performed by Alexey Zimakova, said in the press that this is the idea of ​​the perfect sound of the concert.

Performances A. Zimakova regularly in Moscow, Tomsk and Yekaterinburg, has also performed in Omsk, Volgograd and Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk and other cities of Russia. Gets lots of offers for performances in foreign countries (France, Italy, Spain).

The repertoire includes works by JS musician Bach (no name which neither one poster presentations A. Zimakova) and virtuoso guitar music - M. Giuliani, F. Sor, works by contemporary Spanish composers-tion (J. Rodrigo, etc.). The guitarist also performs its own arrangements with the violin, in particular, Paganini.


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