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Yuri Vorontsov (1914 – 2002)
Yuri Vorontsov

Yuri Vorontsov (1914 - 2002) - Voronezh guitarist, composer, musicologist and educator. Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1976). Member of the Union of Composers of the USSR (1962), an honorary member of the Composers' Union of Russia (2000). He was born and lived in Voronezh. He graduated from the Physics and Mathematics of the Voronezh State University. On guitar studied with PS Agafoshina and LV Devyatova. In 1939 I became a student of the All-Union review competition of folk music. During the war he participated in frontline concert brigades. After the war, he taught at the Voronezh of musical school: led guitar classes, ear training, harmony, folk art. He graduated from the Institute of the Composition Department. Gnesinyh.

Yuri Vorontsov disciples were LM Horse - currently leading teacher of guitar class in Voronezh, SN Kordenko - the winner of the international competition, associate professor of the Voronezh State Academy of Arts, LV Karpov - the student of Russian and winner of international competitions, associate professor of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. NA Rimsky-Korsakov, president of the International Guitar Academy.

Y. Vorontsov was for many years the artistic director of the Voronezh State Philharmonic, lecturer, musicologist of the highest category, the singer-guitarist. Along with that taught at the music school in Voronezh. A few years worked as artistic director of the Voronezh State Russian Folk Choir. He has written for soloists, singers and instrumentalists of the Voronezh choir. The concert orchestra Voronezh Russian Folk Choir for many years sounded Concerto for accordion and orchestra Y. Vorontsov performed by soloist, Honored Artist of Russia-conjugated IM Rudenko.

Y. Vorontsov wrote a number of works for the guitar, he published a collection, which included pieces of his own composition, transcriptions of treatment. He wrote a series of songs based on poems by A. Koltsov. In the last years of his life JV Vorontsov wrote the book "Musicians Voronezh in the pre-revolutionary period," which brought a lot of interesting and previously unknown facts. The book won high public praise.

Almost until the last days of UV Vorontsov was working in one of the music schools of the city of Voronezh and the Voronezh Union of Composers.


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