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Nicephor Slepuhov (1867 – 1928)
Nicephor Slepuhov

Nicephor Slepuhov (born in 1867 near Voronezh - the mind. Aug. 1, 1928, Moscow) - Russian musician, a guitarist. Lost his father early in the age of 9, was identified by his mother in Voronezh monastery, where he worked on the candle factory, and having a good voice, sang in the church choir. Regent monastery, pay attention to good vocal and outstanding musical ability boy gave him to learn to play the violin. He studied Slepuhov is likely to open a pianist MK Hamburg in 1879, the new Voronezh music classes. Game taught him Lev Malkin, who graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. Soon the student has reached such a high level of performance that the teacher himself took him to Moscow, where the young man in 1890 he entered the Conservatory as a violin. However, the young Slepuhov without the means for learning in this class, was forced to go to class bass, which not only taught for free, but paid scholarship. At age 27, he graduated from the Conservatory, receiving musical and general education. In May 1894 he entered Nicephor Slepuhov bass in the orchestra of Moscow's Maly Theater, and a few years later he joined the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre.

When Slepuhov started playing the guitar, and that it led to this is not known with precision. Perhaps switching from violin to double bass deprived him of the opportunity to play on the melodic instrument, and the guitar just to provide such opportunities. We know that the guitar he probably studied independently. According to contemporaries possessed remarkable fluency, clean and a soft voice. He was available the widest repertoire of classical guitarists, including SA Sichra and MT Vysotsky. However, the recitals did not give limited performances on various evenings. Had a reputation as a competent and serious musician.

Having found a guitar in consonance his soul Slepuhov joined the "Moscow Society of mandolin and guitar players", where he participated in performances of orchestral and solo playing on the guitar musical evenings famous master Krasnoshchekova. In addition, he gave lessons. Thanks to the tireless energy VA Roussanova in the years 1899-1901 "Society" organized evening free guitar on which to popularize the instrument were the guitarists who played solo and duet. In the evenings, it was interesting and useful to listen to colleagues to see the playing technique, learn something for themselves, to assess the executable composition. Often played on rare instruments made by famous masters such as Scherzer and Arhuzen. In the evenings, going up to 200 people, and appreciative audience warmly welcomed performers, regardless of the level of knowledge of the tool. There were songs Vysotsky, Sichra, Sarenko, Pettoletti, Zimmerman and other composers.

While living in Moscow, Slepuhov met with great enthusiasm guitar Sergei Sheveliov (1874-1936), who described him as a game: "The tone average, very clean and nice, great dexterity of both hands. Well played hard and Sichrow Vysotsky song, performed by rapid variations in the frantic pace pace legato and beautiful. "Slepuhov fond of creativity Ludwig Spohr (1784-1859) - German composer, virtuoso violinist, conductor and teacher who has performed in Europe and in Russia. Known talented arrangement Slepuhova violin etudes Spur dedicated Valerian Rusanov Alexeyevich (1866-1918), while the editor of the magazine "Guitarist". At this event number 6 of the journal in 1905 published a piece in which, inter alia, stated: "This study is very original and distinctive, expertly arranged and at the same time extremely pedagogical, especially for the left hand, fingers and frets which detail and are carefully arranger. " In addition, NK Slepuhov wrote a sketch for the guitar, which was published in 1911 by the magazine "Accord".

Slepuhov was known in Moscow as an outstanding artist and as perhaps the only guitarist with a conservatory education. SM Shevelev, speaking of Slepuhove, said: "it is necessary to express the sincere regret that such guitarists as Slepuhov too little work for guitar and perform in concerts. However, we are experiencing a difficult time for the guitar and unfavorable, but still there are many guitarists, for which the appearance of such interesting pieces like etude Spohr, and in such a masterly transcription - positive fact in the history of the modern guitar". Slepuhov, according to contemporaries, was a great arranger, but out of modesty did not put his name on the transcriptions.


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