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Vyacheslav Shirokov (b.1939)
Vyacheslav Shirokov

Vyacheslav Shirokov (born in 1939, the city of Gorky, now - Nizhny Novgorod) - Russia's guitarist. Honored Artist of Russia (1983). Diploma of the All-Union competition of performers (1970) and the All-Russian competition of folk music (1972). The first recital in the fall of 1969. He was born and lives in Nizhny Novgorod (before 1990 - Gorky). Although it has a musical background, but has mastered the guitar itself. It is said the musician, "My teachers were books about music and musicians, music broadcast and record".

In 1970, at the IV All-Union competition of performers awarded the diploma of the competition. In 1972 he won the same title at the All-Russia competition of folk music. Since 1974, won the right to perform recitals in 2 parts. Of which, as a rule, in the first part of the play western music, and the second - his own works for the guitar. The path to the big stage gave the musician People's Artist of the USSR IS Kozlowski, whom the musician was in close touch. More than 25 years associated with the guitarist and People's Artist of the USSR BT Shtokolova, which Shirokov stands and in the cities of Russia and abroad. Union firm "Melody" made three records with record giant Vyacheslav Shirokov - they have been repeatedly reprinted. In 1983 Shirokov awarded the title "Honored Artist of Russia".

For 20 years, Vyacheslav Shirokov bound and guitar and song. He is the author-artist of the songs on poems by the best poets of the XIX and XX centuries. L. Feth, V. Bruce, S. Yesenin. Rubtsov - this is not a complete list of his favorite poets.

About five years Vyacheslav Shirokov is the producer of concerts in Nizhny Novgorod. Its modular concerts involving prominent Russian masters of the stage. These concerts have a high status and affecting skills of the participants, not by chance at these concerts are always sold out.

With the same success and pass recitals guitarist. Take-off fantasies, brilliant passages, tempera-ment, spirituality, endearing charm artist takes you into a hitherto unknown world of natural string sounds.


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