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Vladimir Morkov (1801-1864)
VA Tropinin. Guitarist (Portrait V Morkov). 1839

Vladimir Morkov [1801 St. Petersburg - 25. XI (7.XII), 1864, ibid] - Russian guitarist. Guitar studied with AO Sichrow, who dedicated his disciple "theoretical and practical school for seven-string guitar".

Vladimir Morkov - the author of "Full school for seven-string guitars, with the application of plays for the newly enhanced-tion of ten guitar c indicating its order" (1862) and a number of compositions and transcriptions for your instrument (including transcriptions of several works by Giuliani and Mertz ). Wrote "Historical Sketch of Russian opera from its beginning to 1862" (St. Petersburg, 1862 [1899]), in which close to valuable, sometimes the only indications there are many obvious mistakes.

In the preface to his school, he wrote: "Of all the currently published by schools for seven-string guitars, best and most affordable to students of this tool should be on all the rights to name a theoretical and hands-on school, composed of about twenty-five years ago, in the famous once a virtuoso and composer Andrei Osipovich Sichrow. Nearly all more or less well-known in Russia guitarists owe this school of musical his education, but despite its many undeniable advantages, but the same can not be inherent does not agree with that at our contemporary requirements guitar music and considerable recently perfected-tence of the tool, it is now far from adequate.'s the reason-divshaya has prompted me to compose a new school, with detailed treatments of zheniem rules necessary for the gradual development of the mechanism on the right and left hands and general guitar playing. When presenting examples of the correct distribution the permutation fingers, I have followed the methods taken by me at Sichrow SA, which was seen for many years was a leader in my music. I dare to hope that my work is based on thirty years of practical experience alia, bring guitar fans some benefit".


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