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Ivan Liakhov (1813 – 1877)

Ivan Liakhov

Ivan Liakhov (1813, Moscow - 02.25.1877, Moscow) - Russian guitarist, composer and teacher. One of the most-daro twisted guitar players of his time and the most dedicated guitar art musicians. During his student days he took lessons on the guitar by MT Vysotsky later in SA Sichrow and music theory - the AI Dubuc. By profession, was a veterinarian, he graduated from the Moscow Medical-Surgical Academy. Until 1872, he served in various departments, after which he retired. Was firm, proud man is always needed. Was known in Moscow as a consummate virtuoso guitarist and composer. One of the first to introduce the extra bass to guitar, used to rebuild and innovations, sought to strengthen the sonority of the instrument, etc. Along with the original music miami-neniyami I. Liakhov belong to folk songs, arrangements of popular songs for the guitar. Concerts occasionally (as a soloist and in duets with other guitarists, including those with PF Belosheinym, and later with AK Golikov).

MA Stakhovich in the "Outline of the history of the seven-stringed guitar" playing and composing IE Lyahova appreciates very highly, "How in St. Petersburg Sarenko Sichrow goes further, because in Moscow Liakhov improves guitar Vysotsky. Vysotsky He is a student and a guitar is also hard at work in Moscow. Besides the fact that he is a player very great (the game it is very developed, smooth and pleasant), it is also a very good composer. His compositions are original, and are characterized by brisk capriccio, such, for example, it Vengerka which combines all the whim of gypsy music in the play, which has a lot of true musical merit. account of the bass are very original and remind Vysotsky, roundness and fluency passages right hand proved correct and clear sihrinskoy learning methods. Especially he is strong in the thriller, and fast passages it clean and distinct. said that he has attached to another bass guitar chord or two, and the effect of the game on a guitar very successful and original. Any such step on the guitar makes me happy, I expect a lot from Lyahova in his direction for Russian Russian manners and ways of playing the guitar, which was part of the methods of Vysotsky. you know, for example, his variations on "Hello darling", and "Let the young"

Poles also well-known shifted to guitar song Dubuc, "Oh, cold, cold." I've heard it before, and before, long ago, when he was still alive Vysotsky, Lyahova in concert - two guitars. This concert was very successful. Its smooth, and true game in tact, and had worked out the tone have all the right to the dignity of the concert. It is desirable that he gave concerts and now I am sure that at the Sokolov game it will have a proper success. This he would do a great service for the seven-string guitar-tion, and would bring her back to the Moscow public ... because it also ranks first among guitarists in Moscow as Sarenko in St. Petersburg."


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