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Viktor Kozlov (b.1958)
Viktor Kozlov

Viktor Kozlov (10.01.1958 - 12.02.2021), the Russian guitarist, composer and music teacher. Lives and works in Chelyabinsk (Russia). Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1997), Professor (2000). Winner of the I-st prize of the First Regional Competition of Russian folk-based instruments in Chelyabinsk (1988), winner of the International Competition for Composers (Esztergom - Hungary, 1989), the student of the All-Russian competition of folk instruments (Nizhny Novgorod, 1990) . He returned from 8 years (Chelyabinsk Children's Music School № 2, teacher SH Muhatdinov). In the years 1979-92. studied at the Chelyabinsk College of Music in guitar, parallel, he studied composition in the class YE Halperin. In 1988, he graduated from the Urals State Conservatory (VM Derun). He has participated in many guitar competitions and festivals in Russia and abroad. He gave solo concerts in Moscow, Minsk, Bishkek, Voronezh, Kharkov, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Surgut, etc.

As a composer, the author of original compositions for classical guitar, Viktor Kozlov won a diploma of I degree in Donetsk (1982) and Moscow (1988). In the summer of 1989, his name became known and abroad on the 9th International Guitar Festival in Esztergom (Hungary) Kozlov won the third prize as a composer.

Composing music began at age 12. The first significant pieces of music written in the School of Music String Quartet, Trio for Flute, Viola and Guitar, Piano Variations, "Dance and Dance" for solo guitar. In the future, Viktor Kozlov prefers composing miniatures for solo guitar and guitar trio. Popular comic plays Kozlov: Oriental Dance (1982), "March of the Soldiers" (1985), "Little Detective" (1990), "Dance of the Hunter" (1997), "Kiskina the Hill" (1999). Several essays written by the composer for guitar and orchestra, "Concertino" (1987), "epics and Russian Dance" (1995), "buffoonery" (1997). A special place in his creativity numerous works for children. He published a collection of musical pieces for young guitarists "Little Secrets senorita Guitars / Children's Album of the young guitarist," which in 1999 was recognized by Russian guitar center (Moscow), the best in Russia.

Kozlov published a number of works in Russia, England, Germany, Italy, Poland and Finland. His works are included in their repertoire guitarists N. Komolyatov (Moscow), Vladimir Zhadko (Kiev), T. Volsky (USA), A. Horeb (St. Petersburg), E. Gredyushko (Belarus), S. Dinnigan (England ), the duo "Capriccioso" (Germany), they also perform trio of guitarists Urals (Kozlov, S. Muhatdinov, V. Cowboy) and instrumental duet "Concertino" (Ekaterinburg) and many others. In Chelyabinsk, a musician working with the Chamber Orchestra "Classic", the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments "Malachite", the orchestra of folk instruments Chelyabinsk Higher Music School.

He currently teaches at the Chelyabinsk Higher Music School. PI Tchaikovsky. Among his students are winners of international and national competitions, the International Fellows program "New Names": I. Kulikov, N. Fedorenko, E. Pushkarenko, A. Kiselev, M. Baklanov, D. Ivanchenko.

V Kozlov - the founder of the South Ural guitar school (author programs for all levels of education).

For several years, he is a member and artistic director of the Urals Guitar Trio, which in addition to the very Viktor Kozlov includes Sharif Muhatdinov and Victor Cowboy.

As chairman of the Chelyabinsk Regional Association of Classical guitarists, he was the initiator of the international festivals in Chelyabinsk "Classical guitar in the Urals" (1991). In 1998, at a recording studio «U-Saund» released CD-ROM Kozlov's "Meditation for solo guitar" with works by contemporary composers, and his own compositions. On the CD are recorded as "Black bullfighter", suite for solo guitar (1988), "The Ballad of Helen of Troy" - for solo guitar (1997).

(Main source: Encyclopedia of Chelyabinsk, an article by M. Lukina)


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