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Dmitry Illarionov (b. 1979)
Dmitry Illarionov

Dmitry Illarionov - one of the most talented guitarists of the modern Russian, who despite his youth is already being called "a virtuoso of extra class." He was born on November 19, 1979 in Chisinau, where shortly before the birth of Dmitry came to work in Moscow by his parents. At the age of seven years began studying classical guitar. According to him, this passion has come "by itself" as a family of musicians has never been. Initially he studied with teachers Valery Emelyanov and Elena Bondarenko Anatolevny in Chisinau, and then, after returning to the 1991 family to Moscow, he studied under the direction of Oleg Nazarenko Vitalievitch (pupil AM Ivanov-Kramskoy). In 1993, after graduating with honors from the School of Music, Dimitri entered the Academic Music College of the Moscow State Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky in the guitar class of Natalia Nikolaevna Dmitrieva. In 1997, Dm. Illarionov graduated from college with academic honors and enrolled (by typing in the entrance exams maximum possible score) to the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh in the class of Professor, Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Kamillovicha Frautschi. In the 2001-2002 academic year, while engaged in Arnol'dovich Nikita Koshkin. In 2002, he graduated from the Academy (diploma with honors), and in October of the same year he entered the post-graduate course of the academy (creative director - prof. A.K.Frauchi).

Dimitri Illarionov is the winner of many international competitions. In 1997, he became the winner of "Guitar Moscow" and winner of the International Competition "Classical Heritage" (Moscow). In 1999 Dmitry wins at the VI International Guitar Competition in Gdansk (Poland), getting all the special prizes, and becomes the owner of the Grand Prix - the famous Japanese guitar master Masayo Nobel Peace Prize. On behalf of the jury of the festival "X Gdansk meeting Guitarists" (in which the competition was held), Dmitry Illarionov solemnly assigned the title of "The Greatest Hope". At this competition the representative of the Russian guitar school has made such a success the first time. In 2000, Dm. Illarionov is the winner of the prestigious Royal VII International Competition "Spring Guitar 2000" (Charleroi-Seneffe, Belgium). In the same year he won the II-nd prize at the III International Competition of musical personalities to them. A. Tansmana in Lodz (Poland). Special weight to this achievement makes the fact that the guitar is directly competing with piano, cello and violin. Never before in this contest guitar did not rise to such a high position. In late 2000, Dm. Illarionov has won the most prestigious guitar competition held in the Russian Federation - International Competition "Guitar in Russia" (Voronezh). At the end of 2000 was marked by Dmitry Association of Russian universities (musician officially been awarded prize and a diploma "For an excellent study and musical identity"). In 2002, Dimitri Illarionov has won the title of Laureate of the International Guitar Competition in Kutna Hora (Czech Republic). In addition, he is the recipient of Conducting Competition, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of AS Ilyuhina (Moscow, 2000), and winner of the X republican competition of young composers MSSR (Chisinau, 1990).

In 2002, Dimitri Illarionov has won the International Competition guitar solo Association of America (Guitar Foundation of America Competition 2002), which was held from 15 to 20 October 2002 in Miami, Florida, USA. This victory certainly will be one of the most important achievements of the modern Russian school of guitar.

September 5, 2008 Dmitry Illarionov has won one of the most prestigious international competitions guitarists them. Francisco Tarrega in Spain. For the first time in 42 years of existence of this competition the main prize went to Russian guitarist. In addition to the first prize, Dimitri Illarionov also all the special prizes contests sa - a prize for the best performance of works by Francisco Tarrega and the audience award (Premio del Publico).

Since 1996, Dimitri is a permanent member of guitar music festivals held NA Ivanova Kramskoj in Moscow. With great success musician has performed at festivals, "The days Mandolin and Guitar" (Moscow, 1999), "Tabula Rasa" (Volgograd, 1999), "Guitar World" (Kaluga, 2000 and 2002.), The festival Classical Guitar Poland (Lodz, 2000), "XI Gdansk meeting Guitarists" (Gdansk, Poland, 2001), "The Renaissance Guitar" (Gomel, 2001), "The Return" (Moscow, 2002) at the International School of guitarists (St. Petersburg, 2002), "Spring Guitar" (Saratov, 2000, 2002).

In 2002, Dmitry Illarionov made his debut in Germany. July 28 at the International Guitar Festival in Nürtingen was successfully held a solo concert of Russian guitarist. In a large recall of the concert, published in the newspaper "Nuertingen Zeitung" from 30.07.2002, Heinz Belair said that the young Russian guitarist quite managed to conquer the audience with his art - the task is not easy and not everyone is able to, when you consider that on the eve of in the same room were such famous masters as David Russell and Manuel Barrueco. Dimitri Illarionov superbly performed "Grand Overture" (or.61) Mauro Giuliani, "Cavatina" by Alexander Tansmana, 6 parts (№ 5-10) from "24 Preludes and Fugues for Solo Guitar" Igor Rehinoj, "Ex ovo" Dusan Bogdanovich "The Devil's Capriccio" Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, and "Carnival of Venice" by Francisco Tarrega. The execution of the last Illarionov also showed "a healthy self-confidence and their abilities" (gesunde Selbstvertrauen): not afraid of comparison with the interpretation of the workshop "Venetian Carnival" by David Russell at the opening of the festival, he showed himself brilliantly in this "fight." His performance Dm. Illarionov finished performance on "encore" Waltz of Roland Dyens and was deservedly awarded the audience applause.

It is no exaggeration to say that none of the appearances of Dmitry on the scene, whether it be in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kishinev, Lodz, Gomel, Irkutsk and Voronezh - a list of cities and countries, who were lucky enough to host this musician, is big enough - not left the audience indifferent and did not disappoint them. The ovation at his concerts could be, it seems endless, if not the public perception of what a musician needs a rest, and rental of concert halls has the time and price.

Guitarist's repertoire is extensive, includes original compositions for guitar of different eras and styles, lute music, works for guitar and orchestra, rarely performed works for the guitar. The assets of an old guitar music (L. Milan, A. Mudarra, D. Dowland), works of composers XIX - early. XX century. (F. Sor, Giuliani, M., H. Turin, F. Tarrega), contemporary Russian and foreign music (A. Tansman, M. Ponce, J. Rodrigo, A.Barrios, M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, I. Rekhin, Assad S., R. Dyens, F.Marten, U.Uolton, D. Bogdanovic, etc.).

Dimitri Illarionov boldly includes a repurtar works for the execution of which shall not everyone even an experienced guitar player, and plays them just perfectly, charming the audience is not only an excellent technique, but also a genuine artistry: on the face of the musician, "reflected the mood of the works executed by them," noted in the above mentioned review on nyurtingensky concert Dm. Illarionov. "For me, the emotional aspect is very important - admitted once Dimitri Illarionov - At the same time I try to get along with a complete emotional immersion in music was the control that is needed. Musician is simultaneously both within the music and somewhere over there" . In addition to the "Devil's Capriccio" M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, recognized as one of the most technically complex guitar compositions, and "Cavatina" A. Tansmana executed by Dmitry according to the composer's original manuscript without any revision to the number of such products is, of course, and a unique cycle "24 Preludes and Fugues for Solo Guitar" Igor Rehinoj. As rightly noted by Eugene Finkelstein, a musician should "have some courage to undertake the execution of this cycle." Meanwhile, Dimitri Illarionov plays it very at ease and seems, at least superficially, that it is given to him very easily. "Artist took great pace ... polyphonic texture by Illarionov was clear theme fugues, in whatever voice they were not always heard clearly. All parts of the cycle have been linked very well-tuned pauses filled pulsation. Artist leaves no opportunities for unplanned applause "- wrote in a review of the Moscow concert Dmitry E. Finkelstein.

It should be noted that Dmitry Illarionov is well acquainted with the work of IV Rehinoj: the composer and his "24 preludes and fugam" was devoted to the thesis Illarionov, the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh, which he defended in May 2002. In April 2001, Dm. Illarionov very successfully performed "Russian concert" for guitar and orchestra by Igor Rehinoj in Poland. It was the European premiere of the piece.

The repertoire D. Illarionov also suite Castelnuovo-Tedesco "Eskarraman" - a complex work with little piano texture and "full" (within, of course, all the same guitar) polyphony - but now part of the repertoire of guitar players, but the executable is still very rare and few.

Dimitri Illarionov performs much the same way as a solo and in chamber ensembles. Likes to play with the orchestra. According to him, it elevates the art of guitar and sounds just great. The guitarist has performed as a soloist with various bands, including the Governor's Symphony Orchestra (Irkutsk), the State Symphony Orchestra of Tatarstan (Kazan), the National Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau), Chamber Orchestra "The Seasons" ( Moscow). Among the pieces performed by Dm. Illarionov, accompanied by the orchestra in the first place should be mentioned the famous "Aranhuessky concert" and "Fantasy for a gentleman" Joaquin Rodrigo, his "Andalusian concert" for 4 guitars and orchestra (first and second party), and Villa-Lobos concerto for guitar and orchestra, and Double Concerto - Vivaldi and Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

The famous Italian guitarist Carlo Marchione said the game D. Illarionov very clear, extraordinary rendition and deep at the same virtuosity. The famous Yugoslavian composer Dusan Bogdanovic, who was present at one of the concerts, said about playing a young guitarist: "It was one of the most inspired guitar concerts I've ever heard."

He has recorded 4 CDs, including a duet with one of the leading Russian cellist Boris Andrianov-Som (winner of many international competitions, including the Tchaikovsky Competition. Tchaikovsky).


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