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Maria Luisa Anido (1907-1996)
Maria Luisa Anido

Maria Luisa Anido (Maria Luisa Anido, January 26, 1907 - June 4, 1996), a remarkable Argentine guitarist, composer and teacher. She was born in the town of Moron near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pupil Domingo and Miguel Prata Lobeta. Throughout the world, it was called 'guitar lady' (The Lady of the Guitar), and for the friends she was just 'Mimita'. Anido musical talent manifested itself very early, talking about her as a miracle child: in 10 years, Maria Anido performed Etude number 22 A major Napoleon Costa. In 1925 he began performing in a duo with M. Lobetom, with successful tours of Latin America. In 1952, she made her solo concert at London's famous Concert Hall Wigmore Hall, and then followed by tours of the countries of Europe. In the 60's - 70's lived in Italy and Spain (Barcelona).

Maria Luisa Anido author of original works that were processed current folk tunes ("Dance of the Indians of Northern Argentina", "Argentine Melody", "Song of the Yucatan", etc.) and numerous transcriptions for guitar.

For many years she has combined her artistic performances with teaching as a professor on guitar at the National Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires. All of this multifaceted work of Maria Luisa Anido contributed to the development of guitar execu-tion, promotion of popular tools in different parts of America and Europe.

In 1956, ML Anido first visited the Soviet Union, where her concerts were a huge success. Guitarist several times visited our country (the latest arrival - in 1980), has performed in major cities across the country throughout the admiration of his art.

AM Ivanov-Kramskoj: "The art of attracting Anido flawless combination of technical skill and a delicate sense of different musical styles. This should be emphasized because the artist's repertoire not only numerically large, but also includes works of ancient authors to contemporary composers ..."

Repertoire Anido was, indeed, very wide. Guitarist felt fine period style characteristics, personality traits in the works of an author. Fresh and organic sounded under her hands works of the classics - Rameau, Scarlatti, Mozart, Bach. However Anido was a great interpreter of contemporary music of Latin American composers. Colorful and juicy, with an emotional song she sang the brightness of Heitor Villa-Lobos, C. Guastavino, X. Aguirre, F. Esperon.

A significant part of her repertoire took the works of Spanish composers who have made a significant contribution to the guitar literature. She played the works of Albeniz, Granados, Torroba, but perhaps the artist drew special attention of Francisco Tarrega. This composer himself was a great guitarist. Among his pupils - and the teacher Anido M. Lobet. Continuing the tradition of Sora, Tarrega enriched the guitar repertoire many original compositions and transcriptions. Anido rightfully earned the glory of one of the best performers of his music. Plays Tarrega distinguished by the abundance of virtuoso elements, complex rhythms, all of them in one way or another connected with the specific features of Spanish folk music - "Dreams", "Memories of the Alhambra", "Variations on a Theme Jota". It is in connection with the interpretation of music Tarrega Ivanov-Kramskoj said: "In her hands the guitar, seemingly so delicate chamber tool, at times sounded like an orchestra: voices heard trumpet, horn, tambourine ..."

In his recitals Anido and often included his own compositions and transcriptions for guitar.


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