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Semyon Aksenov (1784 or 1790 - 1853)
Semyon Aksenov

Semyon Aksenov (1784 or 1790 - 1853), Russian seven-string guitarist and composer. He was born in Ryazan. He took guitar lessons from SA Sichrow and was considered the best of his disciple, though differed in a number of issues with his teacher. Seven-string guitar instrument considered more melodious and expressive-negative, than the fine (as it believed Sichrow). Wrote fantasies, romances, variations and potpourri on Russian folk songs. That Russian melodies, and not a classic like Sichrow form the basis of his guitar treatments. Introduced the technique of guitar playing so-called "singing style" (legato) and opened the way to play harmonics on all notes. (Applies Aksenov legato and vibrato Sichrow called "gypsy music", but was forced to reckon with his talented pupil, which can also boast excellent technique). From the works published Aksenov 9 plays, including "Theme and Variations of Beethoven's Septet", arranged for two guitars, and "New Journal" - a collection of 12 songs with variations. SN Aksenov, translated from the French "School for 7-string guitar", J. von Gel'd and supplemented it. The full name of the school in the Russian edition of 1819 read as follows: "School for seven-string guitar Ignatius von Gel'd, reviewed, corrected and amended S. Aksenov with prisovokupleniem exposition of game modes in all colors octave flageolets, was invented by Aksenov. Published Dependent V. Plavil'shchikov in favor of this tool enthusiasts who want to play on the hold, but do not have the means to find good teachers".

On the above-mentioned invention Aksenov in "Notes of the Fatherland" Svinyin later was taken by "the news" as follows:

"There is no doubt that, in spite of our youth in the arts and sciences, many useful and happy invention must our fatherland, but they are little known or sent to us afterwards for outlandish ... Our famous player and lover of the guitar SI Aksenov discovered a way to play upon this instrument in harmony all the notes. Hitherto known were the three frets - 4, 5, 7, emits a sound flazholetnye. Aksenov distributed them to all the semitones, brought in and adapted so that anyone who plays the guitar can easily comprehend This discovery, as long as attentively read the description thereof in the new guitar school. Fans guitar gratefully recognize, for nothing could be more pleasant flazholetnyh sounds on the guitar: it then becomes even more delicate wind instrument "(Notes of the Fatherland, 1821, № 1, . 217).


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