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Nikolay Petrovich Makarov (1810-1890)
Nikolay Petrovich Makarov
     Nikolay Petrovich Makarov - the famous Russian guitarist-performer. He was born 1810 in Chukhloma of Kostroma region. His childhood he spent in the estates of his father and his aunt M. P. Volkonskaya. He served as an officer in the army. From childhood he played violin. In the age of 28 years he interested for guitar, in the period of study in the military academy in Warsaw he learned to play at the six-stringed ("Spanish") guitar and working daily 10-12 hours, had soon significant success.
     The first concert of Makarov took place in Tula 1841 in the hall of Noble Assembly, where he played the first part of M. Giuliani's third concert. 1852 Makarov goes abroad, where he meets with greatest guitarists of Europe: Tsany di Ferranty, M. Carcassi, N. Kost, I. K. Merts, guitar master I. Shertser.
     Makarov was a high-educated man, he is known as a lexicographer (author of some dictionaries: "Full russian-french dictionary" St. Petersburg, 1867; "Full french-russian dictionary" 1870; "Full german-russian dictionary" (together with A. N. Engelgardt and V. V. Sheerer, 1877) and "International dictionaries", 1873-76 - each of them had many issues) and novelist (though Makarov's works of this kind hadn't serious significance). To N. P. Makarov belong the words of the famous romance of A. L. Gurilev "Monotonous rings a bell" and also original pieces and arrangements for the guitar.
     1856 he tried to organize All-russian competition of guitarists, composers, writing for guitar and masters making those instruments, but his initiative didn't find support. Only abroad Makarov could realize his intention, 1856 in Brussels was the first international competition for the best guitar composition and the best instrument. Makarov himself had a great success at the competition. The first prize for the best composition received I. K. Merts for the piece "Concertino"; the second - Napoleon Kost for the composition "Great Serenade"; first prize for the best instrument - Austrian master I. Shertser, second - Russian master I. F. Arkhuzen.
     Makarov wrote some books of the guitar, for example, "Some rules of the highest guitar play" and also autobiographical works "Sincere Confession", published in the magazine "Contemporary" in November 1859 and memoirs "From seen and heard" ("Ears", 1891 n. 11-12; 1892 n. 3) issued after the author's death.
     N. Makarov died 1890 in the village Funtikovo-Rozhestveno of Tula region.


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