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Alexander Mikhaylovich Ivanov-Kramskoy (1912-1973)

Alexander Mikhaylovich Ivanov-Kramskoy     Alexander Mikhaylovich Ivanov-Kramskoy - his name in the Soviet Union was the model of guitar skill, musical taste and fine understanding of russian musical folklore specificity for all guitar amateurs of our, at that time powerful and immense, home land. His name was well-known not only in the Soviet Union, but also abroad. The skill of this famous musician, brilliant virtuoso had a great success by the audience, guitar amateurs.
     Alexander Mikhaylovich led extensive concert activity. His first concert took place 1932, when Ivanov-Kramskoy was still a student of Moscow conservatory. From that time began his performances by radio and on the country concert stages with solo programs, in ensembles. His name could be met on the bills of Obukhova's concerts, the Beethoven and Komitas quartets. During many years the guitarist performed in ensemble with I. S. Kozlovsky. Alexander Mikhaylovich said: "My life is devoted to the six-stringed guitar".
     To Ivanov-Kramskoy belongs the great desert in creation of solo concert repertoire for the guitar. His programs included music from all epochs, from composers of the XVIth century to modern composers. Ivanov-Kramskoy acquainted the audience with many forgotten or little known compositions for guitar, in particular with compositions of russian composers.
He is the author of many compositions, including two concerts for guitar and symphony orchestra, numerous pieces and arrangements.
     Very fruitful was the pedagogical activity of A. M. Ivanov-Kramskoy. He taught in the college by the Moscow State conservatory and at the Culture Institute, he was creator of the first in the Soviet Union amateur guitarists ensemble by the Moscow Culture House "Red textile-workers", on example of which were organized similar groups in many towns of the country. He is the author of "School of playing at the six-stringed guitar", on which worked many musicians-professionals and amateurs.
     Many reviewers, noting his timbre richness of sound, masterly technique, emotionness and interpretation nobility, fine style feeling, named him "Guitar magician".
     1959 he was honoured with the title of "Honoured Artist of Russian Federation". From 1932 he worked also at the All-Union radio. 1933 he performed as soloist and ensemblist. 1939 he was honoured with the second prize of the All-Union radio at the All-Union competition of performers at folk instruments and from that year to 1945 he was the conductor of USSR NKVD song and dance ensemble. Then from 1947 to 1952 he was a conductor of Russian folk chorus and orchestra of folk instruments. From 1960 he taught in Musical College by the Moscow conservatory.


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