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Isaak Albeniz (1860-1909)

Isaak Albeniz      After Sor and his contemporary Dionysio Aguado came the fiftieth period of guitar art decadence. It was a difficult time in spanish national culture. Only at the end of XIX century began the revival, at the head of which were progressive workers of literature, music, painting - the so called generation of the 98th year.
     Just in this time Isaak Albeniz and then Enrique Granados created first specimens of spanish classical music - piano pieces - combination of folk art with high professional mastery.
     Native of Catalonia, Albeniz in his child hood learned in Madrid, Leipzig and Barcelona, early began to give concerts in Spain, saw Andalusia, was abroad, visited Argentina, Brasilia and Cuba. All this enriched him with musical impressions, acquaintance of folk music, not to mention, that he, very young, practically a boy, opened the large world of Latin America where he had to pass a severe life school. Spirit of free wanderings and thirst of changes, from young years thrilled Albeniz, permitted him to store a large stock of life impressions fed his creation.
     Living art of spanish guitar. So would be called transcriptions of Isaak Albeniz' piano pieces, whose great achievements were connected with the piano.
     Composing piano compositions, Albeniz was turned his heart to the guitar. Albeniz knew and lined the guitar. The painter Octavio Maus, lived in Brussels with Albeniz during his study at the conservatory told that far from Spain Albeniz often took the guitar in his hands and played loved spanish melodies.
     Albeniz recreated at the piano the guitar sounding so subtly that many thought he composed specially for this instrument. To those compositions belongs also "The scarlet tower". In the comparable beauty of this composition Albeniz glorified the ancient Moorish fortress built in Granada in the XI century.
     Made by Andres Segovia transcription of Albeniz' "Preludes" from the piano cycle "Spanish melodies" received the name "Legend" is a real legend and masterpiece of guitar skill.


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