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Review of the lute CD
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Enlarge Enlarge     CD "Lute Suites by Esaias Reusner"

Konrad Junghaenel, lute

Year CD: 2002
Make CD: Made in EU
Total time: 73 m. 36 s.
Track List

01."Suite in D minor: Praeludium"

02."Suite in D minor: Paduan"

03."Suite in D minor: Allemanda"

04."Suite in D minor: Couranta"

05."Suite in D minor: Saraband"

06."Suite in D minor: Gavotte"

07."Suite in D minor: Gigue"

08."Suite in C minor: Allemanda"

09."Suite in C minor: Courant"

10."Suite in C minor: Sarabanda"

11."Suite in C minor: Gavotte"

12."Suite in C minor: Gigue"

13."Suite in D major: Sonatina"

14."Suite in D major: Allemanda"

15."Suite in D major: Courant"

16."Suite in D major: Sarabanda"

17."Suite in D major: Gavott"

18."Suite in D major: Gigue"

19."Suite in D major: Passacaglia"

20."Suite in G minor: Allemanda"

21."Suite in G minor: Courant"

22."Suite in G minor: Sarabanda"

23."Suite in G minor: Aria I"

24."Suite in G minor: Aria II"

25."Suite in G minor: Ballett"

26."Suite in G minor: Gigue"

27."Suite in C minor: Paduana"

28."Suite in C minor: Allemanda"

29."Suite in C minor: Couranta"

30."Suite in C minor: Sarabanda"

31."Suite in C minor: Gigue"

32."Suite in E minor: Allemanda"

33."Suite in E minor: Couranta"

34."Suite in E minor: Sarabanda"

35."Suite in E minor: Gigue"