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Review of the lute CD
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Enlarge Enlarge     2CD "Lusty Gallant - Music of England's Golden Age"

Paul O'Dette, lute, orpharion, cittern

Year CD: 1992
Make CD: Germany
Total time: CD 1 - 77'00 ; CD 2 - 76'38
Track List

CD 1

01."I Cannot keepe my wyfe at howme" - Anonymous

02."Up tails all" - Anonymous

03."The Spanish Pavane" - Anonymous

04."Robin Hoode" - Mr. Ascue

05."John com Kisse me Now" - Anonymous

06."Chromatica Pavana" - Peter Philips

07."Galliard" - Peter Philips

08."Sueit smuling Katie loves me" - Scottish, Anonymous

09."Put on your sark on Monenday" - Anonymous

10."Buckinghames branle" - Anonymous

11."The Laydie Louthians lilte" - Anonymous

12."La Volta" - William Byrd

13."Wolsey's Wilde" - William Byrd

14."Pavana Bray" - William Byrd

15."Galiarda" - William Byrd

16."Will yow walke the woods soe wylde" - William Byrd

17."My lord willoughbies welcom home" - William Byrd

18."Pavin" - Philip Rosseter

19."Galliard" - Philip Rosseter

20."Lusty Gallant" - Anonymous

21."[A Ground]" - Anonymous

22."Home again, market is done" - Anonymous

23."Trenchmore" - Anonymous

24."Mall Symes" - Anonymous

CD 2

01."En me revenant" - Anonymous

02."Courante" - Jacques Gaultier

03."Courante Son adieu" - Jacques Gaultier

04."Courante sur J'avois brisй mes fers" - Jacques Gaultier

05."Chacogne" - Anonymous

06."Filou" - Luc Despond

07."Prelude" - Daniel Bachelar

08."Fantasie" - Daniel Bachelar

09."Galliard upon a galliard by John Dowland" - Daniel Bachelar

10."Pavin" - Robert Johson

11."Almaine" - Robert Johson

12."Fantasia" - Lorenzini di Roma

13."Fantasia sopra la Conzon degli Ucelli"Diomedes Cato

14."Fantasia" - Cuthbert Hely

15."Fantasia" - Cuthbert Hely

16."Fantasie" - Robert Johson

17."Ballet" - Jacob Polonais

18."Courante" - Julien Perrichon

19."Courante sur la Courante de Perrichon" - Jacob Polonais

20."Sarabande" - Jacob Polonais

21."Fantasia" - Cuthbert Hely

22."Saraband" - Cuthbert Hely

23."Pavin" - Daniel Bachelar

24."Courante" - Daniel Bachelar

25."Courante" - Daniel Bachelar

26."Courante" - Daniel Bachelar

27."La jeune fillete" - Daniel Bachelar

28."Pavan of the Composition of mee Herbert of Chebury and Castle Island 1640 - Herbert of Cherbury