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Review of the lute CD
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Enlarge     CD "Nocturnal - lute music from Dowland to Britten"

Jakob Lindberg

Year CD: 2018
Publisher: BIS

Total time: 83:17

Track List

Anthony Holborne:

01. The Honeysuckle
02. Muy Linda
03. The Night Watch
04. Countess of Pembrokeís Paradise
05. The Fairy Round

Edward Collard:

06. Go From My Window
07. Hugh Astonís Ground

Daniel Bacheler:

08. Pavan

John Danyel:

09. Mrs Anne Grene her Leaves be Green


10. The Flowers of the Forest
11. Remember me at Evening
12. The English Nightingale

William Byrd:

13. Lullaby

Benjamin Britten, John Dowland:

14. Nocturnal, after John Dowland, Op. 70

John Dowland:

15. A Dream
16. A Fancy
17. Orlando Sleepeth
18. Galliard to Lachrimae
19. Mr Dowlandís Midnight
20. Farewell

John Johnson:

21. Passingmeasures Pavan
22. Carmanís Whistle
23. Good Night and Good Rest