Charles Fleury

Charles Fleury, Sieur de Blancrocher (c. 1605 – November 1652) was a French lutenist.

Known principally under the name Blancrocher (Blanrocher, Blancheroche), he was one of the leading performers of his day, active in Paris. Whether he composed or not is unknown; a single dance movement survives, attributed to him, in the so-called Manuscrit Vaudry de Saizenay. His name became well-known in the late 20th century, for after his sudden death (he fell down a flight of stairs) as many as four major composers wrote tombeaux in his memory: lutenists Denis Gaultier and François Dufaut, and harpsichordists Louis Couperin and Johann Jakob Froberger. The latter witnessed Blancrocher's death, and the lutenist apparently died in Froberger's arms.