Luigi Dentice

Luigi Dentice (Naples c.1510–1566) was an Italian composer, musical theorist, singer and lutenist who served the powerful Sanseverino family, and was father of Fabrizio Dentice (c.1539-c.1581), also a composer and lutenist. He was grandfather of Scipione Dentice (1560-1635).

Dentice came from a noble family, when his father died in 1561 he inherited the title of Baron of Viggiano. He married Vincenza Caracciolo, who in 1566 was left a widow with two young children. In the 1550s the Dentices travelled extensively in Spain. As a singer Luigi Dentice appears to have sung as a male soprano falsettist.

His main work of music theory Duo dialoghi della musical, Rome 1553, was a collection of classical Greek and Latin writings on music, translated into Italian, with Dentice's own commentary. The title promises one dialogue on theory, another on practice. The text is interspersed with a few comments on contemporary music and musicians. It also include's Dentice's opinions on inflection in musica ficta, and the practice of monody later developed by Caccini and others.